When we ventured into starting huaraca, we went to our mother first. We asked her to help us find a huarachero in her hometown of San Miguel el Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. We had a few requirements: they made traditional huaraches & they were willing to get paid in full per pair. A few weeks, a couple tias, and a trip to San Miguel later, we found Miguel.

Miguel "Miguelito" Davalos comes from a long line of huaracheros. He started making huaraches when he was 12 years old and works out of his small workshop in the center of the town. He is one of 4 huaracheros left in his home town. He describes San Miguel el Alto being a hub for huaracheros years ago. He told us that it is a dying trade that will probably end with the 4 huaraches left in this town.

50% of our proceeds go to directly Miguelito. Our hope is that you all help us keep his business alive and thriving. His vision is to one day teach other young folks this trade so that it continues on for years to come.

Miguel "Miguelito" Davalos.

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