Tannia y Christian Ventura Casillas.

Tannia and Christian Ventura (Casillas) are hermanxs born in Los Angeles, CA from immigrant parents. Their mother, Lourdes, is from Jalisco, Mexico and their father, Emiliano, is from Queretaro, Mexico. From an early age, their community and parents exposed them to activism which turned into a love for social justice through the lense of art, fashion, and innovation.

"Ni de aqui, ni de alla" is the best way to describe how the hermanxs grew up. They were bilingual, queer, Latinx youth growing up in between two worlds. In 2016, Christian and Tannia took a trip to Mexico to explore their roots. Upon their return to Los Angeles, they realized that as Mexican fashion entered mainstream LA fashion, many artisans where being left out of the booming industry. This is what inspired them to create Huararca.

Tannia Ventura is the CEO of Huararca. Preferred pronouns are she, her, ella, and they. She has a Master's in Social Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor's in Sociolinguistics from UCSB.

Christian Ventura is the Creative Director of Huararca. He is a talented self taught artist with a passion for fashion, art, and photography.

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