Sobre huararca.

Huararca - huaraches que migran, como monarcas, para reconectarte con tu cultura.


There has been a rise in non-Mexican companies selling and manufacturing huaraches here in the US. These companies often steal and appropriate our fashion without giving our communities and artisans any financial compensation. Further contributing to the poverty often experienced by artisans in Mexico. Huararca wants this to change. We want to reconnect Latinxs who have lost access to the motherland with authentic Huaraches, their makers, and history.


It is our mission to travel to Jalisco, Mexico (where most Huaraches are made); find authentic huaracheros (huarache makers); capture their story; purchase huaraches from them directly at full price; and bring the huaraches and their stories back here to you all. This is how we preserve our cultura, support our artisans, acknowledge our indigenous roots and antepasdos, and proudly walk these street of Los Angeles.


Our vision is that huaracheros continue to exist, thrive, and profit from the growing huarache-fashion industry. We envision Latinxs/Chicanxs/Mexicanxs living in Los Angeles walking around our beautiful city con orgullo and knowledge about the history and cultural significance of huaraches. We envision a future generation of Latinxs/Chicanxs/Mexicanxs Angelinos who are culturally conscious consumers that support our own economies and preserve our culture.



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